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Project Property Overview

In Visual Studio there is no good way to check the properties of several projects at the same time and compare them with your default settings. That is why we have developed the Project Properties Tool.

The Project Properties Tool allows you to have a quick look at the properties of several active projects and to change them if necessary. If the properties do not match the specified default settings the tool shows error icons to catch your attention and paints every row containing an error in red. Two buttons make it possible to set all properties of one or more selected rows to default or to copy the settings from another project.




After installing you can start the tool via the Visual Studio Tools menu.

When a solution is opened the tool automatically shows you the properties of all projects contained in that solution. The tool instantly updates if a project is added to or deleted from the solution.

The first three columns in the Project PropertiesWindow are set to read-only. Everything else can be changed via the tool if necessary and saved to the project.

If a project has default settings, the row won't be displayed in red anymore and all error icons in this row will have disappeared. As default settings we have set Platform Target = x86, Treat Warning As Errors = True, Warning Level = 4 and Run Code Analysis = True. But those values can easily be adjusted to your needs via the Visual Studio Tools -> Options page.


By selecting one or more rows and clicking on “Set Default” you can automatically set those properties for all selected rows. If a cell is right clicked, a context menu will pop up where you can choose to set the properties of the whole row to default.

Clicking on “Get from default Project” will ask you to select a project from which the properties are loaded and applied to the selected rows.

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